Trial #ACEMFEx OSCE coming up in Adelaide

The FACEM faculty of SA and NT, in collaboration with the Adelaide Health Skills and Simulation Centre, is pleased to offer the Updated SA/NT Statewide ACEM Fellowship Trial OSCE.

The trial OSCE is designed to prepare ACEM trainees who have just sat or passed the fellowship written exam for the ACEM OSCE/Clinical. The examination will consist of 8 stations (7 single and 1 double station) with one sitting in the morning and a second in the afternoon. The format will simulate the real OSCE experience as closely as possible.

In an update to previous sittings, candidates will have the opportunity to be filmed completing two of the stations with confidential personalised access to the video footage after the exam. This will provide an invaluable opportunity for candidates to view themselves as the examiners see them. At the end of the day an electronic marking sheet from each station with examiners comments will be available on line for each candidate. There will also be access to anonymised highest and lowest scores. The aim of the examination feedback is to allow candidates to optimise their final preparations for the ACEM Fellowship OSCE.
The maximum number of participants for each OSCE session will be 9 (total 18 exam candidates for the day), so please book early. Payment includes morning tea or afternoon tea depending on which OSCE session you register for.

To book for these sessions please complete the registration form at:

Further questions can be directed  to 08 8313 5101.

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