Is this #FOAMed resource any good?

The #FOAMed movement often gets criticised for a lack of peer review and the promotion of eminence-based, rather than evidence-based, medicine. While this has been heavily debated online, the Metriq Study group—lead by Theresa Chan and Brent Thoma of ALIEM and CanadiEM, and many other #FOAMed contributors— have been working to develop validated tools to assess the quality of online resources.


Still a work in progress, the team just published the derivation of a quality score for assessing online resources. While not yet validated, they have narrowed down a series of questions to consider when reviewing an online resource.



The bottom line: as with any resource you use (be it a journal article, online, textbook or expert opinion), review it critically to ensure you are at least aware of the biases present.



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