Updates on #ACEMFEx SAQ exam format

ACEM's examination subcommittee have been working on improving the SAQ format to incorporate feedback from the first 2 sittings. They've released a statement of changes, available on the ACEM site, with a full guideline in the works.


What's new?

Some of the important changes for both trial exam writers (and contributors to ACEMFEx Questions) and exam candidates are:

  1. Physically, the exam will be split into 3 booklets, each consisting of 20 pages, plus a "props" booklet.
    • Each page is designed to take 3 minutes
    • There will be less than 30 scenarios, with some more complex scenarios spanning more pages (eg 3-4 pages = 9-12 minutes)
  2. There will be less responses required than in the 2015.1 exam

    It is expected that well prepared candidates will not be time pressured

  3. The old glossary of exam terms is no longer in use, and will not be replaced

    In the writing of questions every effort is being made to ensure the question intent is understandable and unambiguous

    • Instructions you are likely to encounter are:
      • List = suggests the answer items will each be 1-3 word answers
      • State = suggests the answer items will each be a short statement, phrase, or clause
    • For each of these, the precise number of answer items requested will also be known, with each item attracting one mark


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