NeoResus: Advanced Resuscitation Course


Nervous that a woman might rock up to your ED in advanced labour? That you may be faced with 2 patients? One of which is tiny, blue and may be in need of assistance?

I have spent the last 9 months working in paediatrics, and have decided that small babies cannot be trusted. They can be sneakily extremely unwell. Prompted by this, and the looming spectre of the Emergency Fellowship exam, myself and a couple of fellow emergency trainees found a one day course in Neonatal resuscitation to attempt to relieve some of this anxiety and gain neonatal resuscitation skills. There aren't many courses offering this specifically, but the Victorian Neonatal Resuscitation project offer their 'NeoResus' courses based out of Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital.

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There are two 'levels' of course run by the Neoresus team: First Response and Advanced Resuscitation. We did the Advanced course; based on the programme, it appeared the appropriate level for staff wanting an overview of key skills in resuscitating neonates.

There are lectures and practical sessions, with more emphasis on the practical sessions as some of the theory is covered in reading that is required and made available via their website prior to attendance.


The course is run at the education unit at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, which is well set up for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. The area is relatively easy to get to, and is close enough to areas of the city with places to stay, eat and drink.


Multiple courses are run throughout the year, have a look at the Neoresus website for details. They seem to book out relatively quickly, so it's worth nabbing a spot if you are keen for a particular date.


Advanced Resuscitation: $165 (includes lunch)

Then the cost of accommodation/flights/dinner/exciting Melbourne activities on top of that (dependent on what other activities you fancy doing whilst there!).

Review: the good and the bad.

Excellent use of pre-reading and pre-test to ensure maximal time spent on skills and scenarios whilst at the venue.

Short and sweet- a one day course covering key skills, in bite-sized chunks of information allowing efficient learning.

Focused on initial resus of newborns. Don't expect to be given an overview of managing septic/shocked neonates. Rather, you will be made familiar with the neonatal resus algorithm, airway techniques and learning about the importance of the initial interventions. There is also a session covering team work and communication.

A practical session teaches umbilical lines utilising real umbilical cords. Airway skills taught including bag-valve-mask techniques, using the Neopuff and advanced airways including intubation.

There is also a chance to ask questions about aspects of neonatal care you want clarification on. The faculty are all experienced, including neonatal fellows working in retrieval and senior neonatal nurses with educational experience.

Overall, recommended as a brief overview and revision of this area of resuscitation, with useful practical skills and clarification of the steps in resuscitation of neonates.

Read more:

Head to the NeoResus website for dates and further details. The website has learning materials that can be accessed for free without attending the course. So in terms of background reading, and information around resus, it is invaluable in collating guidelines and relevant research papers.

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