RAH ED Fellowship sessions

latest update: 09-Aug Trauma 5 – Paediatric, Pregnant, Geriatric JC 16-Aug Anaesthetics, Airway Management Session 1 Patrick 23-Aug ECGs Jennifer 30-Aug Surgery …

ECG of the Week 46

This elderly lady had a mechanical fall at home, but was noted to be bradycardic when attended by nursing staff for dressings. …

ECG of the Week 45

This lady in her 60s was brought to ED after a conscious collapse, in which she describes chest heaviness and leg weakness, …

ECG of the Week 44

Recently, we had an elderly man with chest pain and repetitive dizzy (lightheaded) spells: What are your thoughts given these symptoms?  

ECG of the week 41

The computer called this rhythm, “undetermined”.  What is it?  

ECG of the week 40

57 yo female with chest pain; what’s your interpretation and treatment?