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ECG of the week 40

57 yo female with chest pain; what’s your interpretation and treatment?  

10 cellulitis myths

This quick review from Journal Feed is worth a glance to review common myths about cellulitis that I’d like to think we …

Mind your elbows!

A 4-year-old boy presents to your emergency department after a fall from a step onto his outstretched right hand. He has complained …

The bends, staggers and chokes

After a recent case of significant decompression sickness, I refreshed my memory on the details of this and more diving medicine. This …

ECG of the Week 38

Here’s a cute little dysrhythmia similar to last week’s.  You really only need lead II at the bottom…  

ECG of the Week 37

This was an older man (whatever that means) with intermittent bradycardia.  

ECG of the Week 36

This ECG Dx should be immediately obvious to you. 2 questions? Does it involve the RV? Are there reciprocal changes?  

ECG of the Week 35

Years ago, a 66yo man came in to our ED with chest pain and almost died from misinterpretation.  What’s going on here? …