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ECG of the Week 38

Here’s a cute little dysrhythmia similar to last week’s.  You really only need lead II at the bottom…  

ECG of the Week 37

This was an older man (whatever that means) with intermittent bradycardia.  

ECG of the Week 36

This ECG Dx should be immediately obvious to you. 2 questions? Does it involve the RV? Are there reciprocal changes?  

ECG of the Week 35

Years ago, a 66yo man came in to our ED with chest pain and almost died from misinterpretation.  What’s going on here? …

ECG(s) of the Week 33

Recently, I was handed this ECG from a 34yo man with pleuritic chest pain and no PMHx.  As you can see, the computer …

ECG of the Week 32

Not so much an ECG this week, but something to consider during your interpretations. Let’s be honest here: how many of you …