EMST courses now available (including in Adelaide)

Ok, ATLS/EMST may have gotten a bad rap recently, but it remains a good foundation for those who have not yet managed much trauma in a major trauma centre. It provides the basics and a common vernacular for efficient teamwork in managing trauma.


The college of surgeons, who run EMST in Australia have now launched a new enrolment system. Eligible candidates are now able to enrol and pay for courses online, rather than register to be placed on a waitlist. The courses for the year are released in 3 waves; the first wave is now open, the next opens on 2/2/16 then 31/5/16.

EMST in Adelaide

There is an EMST course running in Adelaide in February 2016.  To date, there remain a number of vacancies for anyone interested to enrol. Anyone doing a Trauma rotation for the first time might like to consider getting this done early on in the term.

  • Dates: 5 - 7 February, 2016 (course P1324)
  • Location: Glenside Hospital, Adelaide
  • Cost: $3,135.00 (incl. GST)
  • NB:  This course uses an animal laboratory for some of its procedural training

Full details are available on the EMST website, including the course schedule for 2016.

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