Assessment of the Sick ED patient: RMO & Intern Induction

Today marked the first education session for the new round of RMOs and interns to grace our emergency department's hallways. The programme for today was about assessing patients in ED—trauma, cardiac arrest, shock, ENT, ventilatory support.

Here are a couple of the resources from today, I'll see if I can gather together a few more...

Adult Cardiorespiratory Resuscitation

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Assessment of the Sick Patient

Left click to advance, right click to go back, middle click to see a list of slides. The links to all the resources are on the last 'slide', sentences with an * link out to the videos we watched. You can also go here to see the presentation in a bigger size...


As mentioned, there are some good Emergency Induction resources being produced out of St Emlyn's and SEMEP as a starting point.

Hope that is of some use to you!


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